Follow these instructions to get started with your Polar or Garmin GPS watch. Instructions for the Apple Watch can be found here.

1. Download The MX App and Join

  • Download the LITPro MX App for your preferred platform
  • Create a LITPro account if you don't already have one

2. Link Your Accounts

3. Complete A Session

  • Important Note: Mounting the watch on your handlebars will improve GPS data quality considerably and also your LITPro experience. 
  • Now start a session on your watch selecting one of these compatible activity types
    • Polar Activities
      • Motocross
      • Mountain Biking
      • Running
      • Riding
      • Motorsports
    • Garmin Activities
      • Mountain Biking
      • Riding
      • Running
      • Motorcycling
      • Motorcycling_V2
      • Driving General
      • Snowmobiling
      • Downhill Biking
      • Cycling
  • With the watch session running, head to the track and complete your ride

4. Sync and Review

  • When you come back into the pits, sync your watch with Polar Flow or the Garmin Connect App
  • When the sync is complete, open the LITPro MX App to review your session