Do LITPro Apps require an internet connection?

Yes, we process data in "the cloud". Internet access is required.

What apps do I need to get started?

Download the LITPro MX App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Does LITPro work anywhere in the world?

Yes, it does. You can use LITPro at any outdoor track worldwide.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we ship Internationally via FedEx International Priority.


Is LITPro Android compatible?

The GPS watch experience (only) is currently supported on Android.


Which models are LITPro compatible?

Any GPS watch (with integrated GPS) that syncs with either Polar Flow or Garmin Connect is LITPro compatible.

What if my watch data isn’t appearing in my LITPro App?

• Be sure select a compatible workout type

• Laps must be at least 25 seconds

• Fastest lap must be less than 8 minutes

What workout types can I use to log sessions?

POLAR USERS: should select "Motocross", "Mountain Biking", "Running", "Riding".

GARMIN USERS: should select “ Running”, “Mountain Biking”, “Riding”, “Motorcycling”, “Driving General”, “Snowmobiling”, “Downhill Biking”, “Cycling”

Why doesn't my watch connect directly to the LITPro App?

Polar and Garmin devices are not supposed to pair directly to LITPro Apps. Instead, these devices sync with Polar Flow and Garmin Connect. As long as you have your LITPro account paired with either of these services, the data will be automatically uploaded and ready to view in the LITPro App.

Why are some of my laps missing?

For the convenience of watch users we developed an automatic lap detection feature. Since the rider doesn’t get to choose the start gate, our system does its best to guess when you begin riding to avoid logging data in the pits. To log all of your laps, you have to cross that starting gate that our system has created for you. This might be a little guessing game, but the starting gates are usually created when you begin riding straight and fast for a couple seconds.


Where do I mount my XGPS160?

Mount XGPS160 on the top of your helmet with the antenna pointing directly at the sky. An alternative to helmet mounting is the front fender (be sure to clean your fender with contact cleaner or alcohol first).

Can I get my XGPS160 wet?

The XGPS160 is not waterproof, please keep it dry. It can take a little splash, but don't ride in rain, submerse it, or spray it with the power washer.

How long does the battery last on XGPS160?

Approximately 10 hours. If you need to record a lot of track time in between charges then best to power the XGPS160 down completely between rides.

How long does it take to sync a session?

Syncing is relatively fast, it takes approx 2 min for a 30 minute session.

Can I take a phone call while syncing?

Yes, absolutely.

What is the sync range for XGPS160?

Typically it keeps a pretty robust connection at up to 10 meters (30 ft). But don't get distracted and walk too far away. Best to leave the XGPS160 and app together until finished.


Does LITPro require a subscription?

Yes, it does. We offer two monthly plans, limited or unlimited.

What does the subscription cost?

The limited plan is USD $2.99/mo and the unlimited plan is USD $8.99/mo.

Are unlimited plan features supported on my GPS watch?

No. Unfortunately the 1Hz GPS data is too low quality to support premium features.

I acquired my GPS receiver somewhere else, can I still use it with LITPro?

Yes, subscriptions are managed by the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.