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Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

  • RaceBox Mini S Precision GPS Receiver
  • Polar Pacer - GPS Watch
  • Polar H9 - Heart Rate Sensor
  • Polar Bar Mount - For GPS Watch
  • Mounting Kit

Elevate your riding performance and enhance your track day experience with the Ultimate Bundle! The Ultimate Bundle provides GPS lap times and a comprehensive analysis of your riding. You'll discover actionable insights from every single lap. Get integrated heart rate for your moto sessions and manage your off-the-bike training effort.

Product Details:

RaceBox Mini S

Highest GPS accuracy for motocross and MTB

The RaceBox Mini S is a state-of-the-art GPS recording device. It features a 25Hz GPS Module that simultaneously tracks GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou. This level of accuracy unlocks the best that LITPro has to offer. You'll also get airtime analytics, fast sync times, and its compatible with iOS and Android. The Mini S is also shock and splash resistant, making it durable for motocross and MTB environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 106 grams (3.7 oz.)
  • BLE: 5.2, certified down to 4.2. Up to 20 meters range
  • Battery: integrated 1100 mAh LiPo
  • Recommended charger: 0.5A USB Type-A. Most modern smartphone chargers should work
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Charging time: less than 3 hours to 100% charged
  • Usage on battery: over 20 hours active, up to one year standby
  • Mounting compatibility: Includes LITPro approved 1" 3M velcro mounting strips (white for the GPS device and black for your helmet or fender) Also includes Integrated magnets and 1/4"-20UNC thread. Accessories include grip pad and hook'n'loop self-adhesive tape
  • GPS receiver: 25Hz GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and SBAS, -167dBm sensitivity with built-in 20dB gain antenna
  • Accelerometer: 1kHz internal sampling rate with +/- 8g scale and 0.001g sensitivity
  • Gyroscope: 1kHz sampling rate with +/- 320dps scale and 0.02 dps sensitivity
  • Environmental compatibility: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F), splash resistant. Package includes optional dust cover for the charging port.
  • Storage (Mini S only): 130 min @ 25Hz, 325 min @ 10Hz

Polar Pacer - GPS Watch

This is a no-nonsense GPS watch that gives the modern athlete all the essentials, plus the specialized training tools they need to do one thing better: train.

About this watch:
Time, pace, distance, laps, stopwatch, incredibly accurate GPS, precise heart rate tracking, plus specialized training, sleep, and recovery tools.

Highly Accurate GPS: A new integrated antenna design for improved movement tracking to measure every movement and turn.

Enhanced Processor: for faster, smoother, more powerful performance and screen transitions. Rapid charging and data transfer. Up to 35 hours of training time with complete GPS and HR tracking on (up to 100 hours in power-save modes).

MIP Color Display & Ultra-Light Design: enhanced screen contrast, clarity, and experience any time of the day. A thin, lightweight shell, and super grip buttons for improved usability.

Specialized Training & Recovery Tools: Personalized guidance and feedback with short-term and long-term monitoring of training strain and cardio load.

Watch Details:

Screen Size 1.2 Inches
Sport Type Motocross, Cycling, Exercise & Fitness, Running, Swimming
Included Polar Pacer GPS Running watch size M-L, extra wristband in size S, USB charging cable, Getting started guide
Battery Life 100.0 Hours (Power Save Mode), 35.0 Hours ( With GPS and HR Tracking on)
Mounting Type Wrist Mount
Color Black

Polar H9 - Heart Rate Sensor

When you're looking for a reliable high-quality heart rate chest strap, Polar H9 fulfills all your needs and more. Bluetooth® and ANT+ technologies open up endless connection possibilities to any app or device you want to use.

  • Size (M-XXL): 26-36 inches
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Revised strap design provides the comfort and security needed when riding

Polar Bar Mount - For GPS Watch

Turn your Polar (or other) sports watch into a versatile motocross or cycling partner – mount your sports watch to your bike handlebar and easily follow your data during your rides. Compatible with Polar or Garmin sports watches*. Mounting the watch on your handlebars will considerably improve GPS data quality and your LITPro experience. 

*Please remember that wrist-based heart rate (optical) is not available while your sports watch is attached to the bike mount – you will need a separate heart rate sensor, such as Polar H10 or H9.

Item Details:
Mounting Type Bar Mount
Item Weight 0.05 Kilograms 

Mounting Kit

  • Four pieces of black velcro (3M Part Number SJ3551) for your helmet or vehicle
  • Two pieces of clear velcro (3M Part Number SJ3560) for your XGPS160 receiver
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