Just how difficult is it to get a 90+ consistency score?

Just how difficult is it to get a 90+ consistency score?

We've got the answer! It can be really difficult depending on what parameters you set for yourself (or your coach sets for you).  

A little history on the consistency score

We developed the consistency score metric based on Ryan Dungey's training program for the supercross season of 2016 where he ultimately had 35 consecutive podiums, and won the championship. Dungey, called by some "the diesel," set records for consecutive races, podiums, wins and championships. It wasn't all-out sprint speed though, it was riding consistent, consistently fast, hitting marks and staying off the ground and injury free. In his training we would observe 20-lap motos where every lap was within less than a second of variation. As a tribute to that kind of consistency he demonstrated in his career, we created a mathematical scoring system where 100 is a perfect score, and can only be achieved by riding with Dungey-like consistency.  The longer the lap times the more lap variance you are allowed, the shorter the lap time the less variance you are allowed.  

10-Lap Consistency Scores in LITPro Global Challenges

Over the years, LITPro has included at least one consistency score challenge a year in its lineup of global challenges. Global challenges have been a fun way for LITPro to engage with its customers - we offer a prize where typically the participant only has to pay for shipping (usually a T-Shirt or hat). Participation in these challenges has grown into the ~3k range as of this writing.  

In order to offer a healthy and fun-spirited global community challenge though we didn't want to encourage users taking unsafe or un-sportsmanlike tactics towards completing the challenge. To give participants a way to participate safely in the challenge we developed a special scoring system just for challenges. This is the "10-Lap Challenge." The 10-Lap Challenge score is one where you must do at least 10 laps, but your two slowest laps are automatically discarded. If you do more than 10 laps you get a bonus of discarding all but your 8 fastest complete laps.  This type of scoring does two things:

  1. encourages participants to take a sight-lap on their first lap for safety
  2. doesn't penalize a participant for taking additional laps if a lapper or someone else gets in the way and can't be passed safely

Apart from those concessions, the scoring works exactly the same as the original Dungey based consistency score.  The more consistent your lap times the closer you'll get to a score of 100. 

Note: If you ride a smaller track, you have a narrower range of lap times to score 100.  For example on a track with an average 3-minute lap time you might be allowed a 2-second window for your lap time ranges over 10+ laps, whereas on a 45-second average lap you would have a smaller window.

You can always find your 10-lap score on the session summary screen in both the iOS and Android apps.

You can look here for past LITPro Global Challenges.

100,000 Random Sessions Analyzed...

So back to the main question... just how difficult is it to get a 90+ consistency score? And keep in mind, we aren't referring to the 10-Lap Consistency score here (which really only scores your fastest 8 complete laps). 

To answer this we started with 100,000 sessions on motocross style tracks. This means we made sure flat track or oval tracks weren't included - just motocross style tracks.

Total Sessions Sampled 100,000 100%
Total Sessions with 10+ Complete Laps 17,096 17.1%
Total Sessions with 25+ Minutes of Riding 5,386 5.39%
Total Sessions with Score > Zero 2,241 2.24%
Total Sessions with Score > 90 349 0.35%
Total Sessions with Score > 95 30 0.03%


Additional insights from this random sampling of 100,000 sessions:

Average number of laps: 6.2 Laps per Session

Average number of minutes of riding: 12.4 Minutes per Session

Average consistency score: 18.3 out of 100

Average 10-Lap consistency score: 54.1 out of 100


According to these statistics, the biggest obstacle to getting a 90+ consistency score is simply being able to do 10 or more laps in a single moto! Getting a score of 90 or better happens one out of every 286 sessions (top 0.35 percentile).  Getting a score of 95 or better happens one out of every 3,333 sessions (top 0.03 percentile).

If you are one of the few that can do a 10+ lap moto, and get a consistency score above 90, then congratulations!  You are in the elite category!

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