Capture two videos and compare them

This innovative new product brings video analysis to your iPhone. Capture two short videos with your phone camera and compare them to identify and evaluate critical differences. Use the insight to optimize performance quickly.

  • Sync Position

    VISION uses time stretching to place both riders in the same position on the track. This is an effective way to identify critical differences between them.

  • Auto-Zoom

    Auto-Zoom keeps both riders perfectly centered during playback regardless of the playback speed.

  • Overlay

    Overlay places two riders on top of each other in the same spot on the track. By moving the slider, you can change the opacity to highlight one rider or the other.

  • Immediate Insights

    A comparison only takes minutes to set up. Pick two short videos, set three frame locks (middle, start, and end). You'll receive immediate feedback on which of the two riders is faster and why.

Forget specialized video equipment

Making a comparison in VISION only takes a few minutes to setup and complete. You won't need expensive camera equipment, a tripod or even Internet access. VISION analysis only requires an iPhone with the LITPro - GPS Lap Timer App installed.

Our core GPS lap timing service informs you where you're losing time on the track. Now, LITPro VISION helps you evaluate why it's happening.

  • Free access to VISION Beta
  • No Internet required
  • No additional GPS device required
  • Your videos and photos stay private

Available on iOS only

Share your riding insights with others

Are you a parent trying to help your child improve? Or perhaps you're working with a coach? VISION has import and export options to share your video analysis with a coach, friend, or even the world on Instagram.