Message From The Founders

One of the first real test cases for the LITPro concept was at RedBull Rampage downhill mountain biking event back in October 2013. Early ideas for LITPro were a little scattered and unfocused, but it was at this event, seeing the passion these athletes have for their sport and the raw potential for delivering sports analytics for their benefit (as well as to spectators through broadcast) that the real heart and soul of what LITPro is today crystalized. From there we turned our focus to Motocross and Supercross, sports we understood better, and had more direct access to given our base here in Temecula Ca, and since then we have agressively and repeatedly asserted ourselves as a first and foremost "givers" in the industry, and secondarily "takers". The idea of being a "giver" comes from our love for the sport, but also the intellectual belief that in order for a company like ours to grow, we need the sport to grow and mature. Thankfully along the way we've met up with other like-minded brands and partners who share the same vision for the sport (they know who they are) who have helped start to make that vision a reality. The ultimate embodiment of how we are "givers" is in how we treat our customers both along our point of contact lines as well as in the rich features we aim to deliver in the products we develop.

thank you to all our customers,
Richard Zinn and Michael Ford (Founders)