Follow these instructions to use your Apple Watch with LITPro. Instructions for a Polar or Garmin watch can be found here.

1. Download The MX App and Join

  • Download the LITPro MX App in the App Store
  • Create a LITPro account if you don't already have one

2. Pair Your Apple Watch

  1. Login to your LITPro account in the MX App
  2. Tap the "Add Data" tab at the bottom of screen
  3. Tap "Pair a new LITPro device"
  4. Tap "Enable Watch" at the bottom of screen
  5. Tap "Yes, Enable Tracking"

3. Track A Session

  1. Open Apple's Workout App on your watch
  2. Select and start the "Outdoor Cycle" workout
  3. Once started, go ride

4. Sync and Review

  1. Once your session is complete, finish the workout by tapping the "End" button
  2. After a few seconds, you should automatically see your laps in the LITPro MX App

Additional Tips

  • Remember to complete motocross style laps
  • Start and end your workout each time you move between different tracks