Follow these instructions to use your Smartphone (iOS & Android) as a GPS receiver with the LITPro-GPS Lap Timer App. Tracking with a phone will also function in offline mode (no internet access required)

1. Download The App and Join

  • Download the LITPro-GPS Lap Timer App for your preferred platform

2. Track A Session

  1. Open the LITPro app
  2. Login to your account (requires internet access)
  3. Tap the "Add Session" icon at the bottom of screen
  4. Tap "Track laps with this phone/iPhone"
  5. Tap "Yes, go to setup phone/iPhone"
  6. Find Track using phone/iPhone and tap "Start Session"
  7. Start your recording and go ride

    4. Sync and Review

    1. Once your session is complete, finish the session by tapping "Stop & Save Session" button
    2. Tap "Apply your config" and your laps should be ready for review.

    Additional Tips

    • Remember to login to the app while you have internet access
    • Remember to complete motocross style laps
    • Start and end your session each time you move between different tracks