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NZN Labs

XGPS160 Velcro Mounting Kit

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This velcro mounting kit will securely mount a Dual Electronics XGPS160 receiver to the helmet or front fender. This kit is intended for people who acquired their XGPS160 from another vendor. It is already included with an XGPS160 purchased directly from

Mounting Kit Includes:

  • Four pieces of black velcro (3M Part Number SJ3551) for your helmet or vehicle
  • Two pieces of clear velcro (3M Part Number SJ3560) for your XGPS160 receiver
  • Printed instructions for getting started using your XGPS with the LITPro MX App

Please remove the black manufacturer sticker on the bottom of your XGPS160 before applying velcro. Also, ensure the XGPS160 surface is clean and free of any debris or oil.