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Dual Electronics

XGPS160 Receiver

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The XGPS160 is our most popular precision GPS receiver. With its 10Hz GPS accuracy, it's perfect for hardcore MX training or some friendly competition on the weekend. 

Product Details

  • 10Hz sampling for highly accurate positioning


  • Size: 2.7" wide x 2.2" tall x 0.8" thick
  • Weight: 71 grams, half the weight of a GoPro
  • Full battery charge lasts 10 hours of continuous use, 3 hour charge time
  • Memory & Syncing - Stores up to 2.6 hours of data, syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1
  • Simultanious signal reception from GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) satellite systems
  • Operating temperature: 14°F – 140°F (-10°C – 60°C)
  • Device is not waterproof

Device & App Compatibility

  • LITPro Apps - free download in the iTunes App Store (iOS only)
    • MX App: Ideal for offroad and mountain bike sessions
  • Apple iPhone: 5s or higher (running iOS 10 or later)
  • Apple iPad: 4th gen/iPad Air 2 or higher (running iOS 10 or later)